A lot has happened in the comic space this year. Big publishers such as Marvel, Darkhorse, Boom, and Image have all made their contributions. Some of them feel like absolute knockouts with the potential to be on the all-time favourites list. These are the kind of narratives which might end up on your screens in the future.


Bloom is the story of Ali, a young man, who’s toiling away in his parent’s bakery before leaving for the city. His older sister, who was responsible for running the business, had just married and left. Now it’s up to him to keep the doors open. He proactively looks for his replacement and eventually finds a beautiful young guy, Hector. They soon fall in love, make mistakes along the way, and things get very complicated. Overall, this is a captivating love story which has the comic community glowing with excitement.

Black Hammer 45

Black Hammer 45 is one of those comics which have very little to do with superheroes. And, it happens to be the first book in the series that Jeff Lemire is not the only writer. Lemire developed the plot, then outsourced the actual writing to his good friend Ray Fawkes. Matt Kindt, Lemire’s long-time friend, handled the graphics bit. They all did a great job. This book is going to be a popular read for a long time.


Naomi is, undoubtedly, one of the best books which came out this year. However, it has a misleading tag line that reads “the biggest new mystery in the DC universe.” But there is no burning question that can’t be answered. It feels more like a self-discovery story, rather than a “what happened last night” kind of scenario. That said, Naomi is an investigative book, with the theme being “how to grow up in a world with Superman.”