For those who enjoyed the television series Supernatural, perhaps their interest is heightened due to the Supernatural Origins comics.

Supernatural: Origins

There were six issues of the comic books, all of which most people found to be intriguing.

  • Issue #1

The beginning of it all. The story revolves around John Winchester, about to encounter his first experience with the dark world, which was responsible for the death of his wife. However, John had other responsibilities which were his sons Dean and Sam. The plight that John faced was being a father to his two boys, while at the same time seeking revenge against the evil that had taken his wife from him.

  • Issue #2

John sets upon his journey to bring justice for his wife, which means becoming entrenched in the world of the supernatural. It all began with questions which needed answers. John heads west at the beginning of his journey to find and destroy the killer who had upended his life.

  • Issue #3

Here, a trip to Harvelle’s Roadhouse was in the making. John was to embark on the gruelling task of seeking a Hunter, which meant significant changes to his life, as well as his children’s. This was no easy decision for John.

  • Issue #4

John is in for a harrowing experience as he prepared to see what the priest has in store for him. Also, a ray of hope as to whether he could truly see his wife Mary once again. This remains to be seen and keeps the readers on the edge of their seat.

  • Issue #5

John and Hunter are just about to bring this chapter of his life to an end. It means travelling to the Four Corners. The climax will be confronting his wife’s murderer at the Fore Inn, but the big question is, will John be ready for this?

  • Issue #6

The ultimate test for John has arrived as he is pitted against the supernatural.