There are different types of fantasy books and stories. Discussed below are some of the sub-genres of fantasy.

High/Epic Fantasy

Epic fantasy takes place in a completely imaginary world controlled by magic and set rules. The stories are very long, involve multiple characters, and the hero or heroine usually saves the world.

Sword and Sorcery

This genre includes swordplay, violent conflict, and battles. The use of sorcery and classic swords are featured. The hero uses a traditional sword to defeat the sorcery.

Low Fantasy

Low fantasy is very realistic, has magic, supernatural forces, and focuses more on characters rather than the fantastical elements. Low fantasy is the exact opposite of high fantasy.

Dark Fantasy

In this type of book, the writer combines horror and fantasy. The writer aims to unnerve, horrify, and entertain the reader. Ghosts, tombs, zombies, abandoned buildings, and graveyards are standard features in this fantasy sub-genre.

Contemporary/Urban Fantasy

Contemporary fantasy is a genre which is set in the present-day real world or set at the time it was written. Urban fantasy is set in the real modern world. Cities, modern weaponry, interference from human institutions, and supernatural underworlds are common features in this fantasy.

Magical Realism

Magic is mainly used and accepted in this fantasy sub-genre. The magic must follow a set of rules, and the use of it usually has adverse effects. Magic realism features overuse of magic or negative and evil use of it, which results in breaking the magic rules.

Fairy Tales and Folklore

This type of fantasy is mostly for children and is set in distant magical worlds. It involves telling mythical stories, and supernatural creatures are known to exist. The stories are characterised by beginnings such as “in a far land away.”

These are just some of the types of fantasy books. The list is extensive and grows by the day as more sub-genres are introduced.