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Reading Online

For those individuals who prefer to read their fiction online, this informative section covers some of the most amazing fantasy books ever written. It goes in-depth into the different genres to suit all tastes. If worried about online security, we also have a guide to using a virtual private network to hide your personal details while reading.

Supernatural Comics

Comic enthusiasts will undoubtedly find something of interest in this section, with a list of the best comics currently available. We also delve into the TV series, Supernatural, which you may not be aware, has an accompanying series of comic books.

Fantasy Books

The title of this section says it all, a space dedicated to authors such as George R. R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, JK Rowling and others in the world of fantasy books. Whether you prefer fairytale and folklore, magical realism or urban fantasy, there really is a great selection here.

Other articles include a list of where to find fantasy stories for free, ready to read online, and even how you can help new writers secure a publishing deal! Fans of fantasy books and comics, particularly those from independent publishers will find much to enjoy on Digital Dragon.